लक्षद्वीप संघ राज्यक्षेत्र


Grievance Policy
Grievance Policy
We value your trust and understand that there may be situations where you need to address concerns or grievances. This Customer Grievance Policy outlines our commitment to addressing and resolving grievance in a transparent and efficient manner.
The Customer Grievance Policy aims to minimising instances of customer complaints through proper service, review and prompt and effective redressal mechanism. The following are broad objectives for handling the customer grievance.
  1. To provide fair and equal treatment to all the applicants without bias at all times.
  2. To ensure that all issues raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and resolved in stipulated timelines.
  3. To develop an adequate and timely organisational framework to promptly address and resolve customer Grievance fairly and equitably.
  4. To provide easy accessibility to the applicants for an immediate Grievance redressal.
  5. To put in place monitoring mechanism to oversee the functioning of the Grievance Handling Policy.
How to raise the grievance
The applicants can raise grievance through the following modes:
  • Phone Call: Call at 04896-262384 to register the complaint.
  • Email: The applicants may write to collectorate2@gmail.com
  • Letter: Applicants may also raise the grievance by writing us to the following address.

Additional District Magistrate
UT of Lakshadweep

Registration of grievances
  1. Grievances received through phone call:
    • a)The grievances received are recorded in the system
    • b)The grievances that can be answered by the phone calls will be answered immediately.
    • c)The grievances that need escalation/ need additional details will be escalated within the system.
  2. Grievances received through written communication:
    • a)The grievances can be received through registered email or letter.
    • The grievances received are recorded in the system.
Redressal of Grievance
  1. The complaint letter/ email should contain the application number/ other relevant reference number/ Complainant’s name, address and contact details, copies of supporting document, wherever applicable.
  2. If the grievance is resolved within three working days, the resolution shall be communicated to the complainant.
  3. The complaint shall be addressed as early as possible and within a maximum of 30 days of the receipt of the complaint.
  4. The Grievance Policy is accessible to all and it ensures that information is readily available on the modalities of making and resolving complaints. This policy is available on the website and also at the offices of this organisation.
  5. All complaints shall be monitored and marked as closed only after resolution of the subscriber grievance.
  6. The complaints shall be treated as closed if the complainant has not responded within 45 days of the receipt of the written response from the organisation.
Resolution of Grievance

The applicant/ complainant shall be intimated on resolution of grievance/ complaint.

Closure of grievance:

Every grievance shall be disposed off within a period of 30 days of its receipt and a final reply shall be sent to the complainant, containing details of resolution or rejection of the complaint, with reasons thereof recorded in writing.

Once the grievance is resolved, we will notify the applicants of the outcome and actions taken.