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Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions  
  1. After paying and submitting the e-permit application, there is no option for service cancellation.
  2. The fees for e-permit application will not be refunded for applications which are successfully submitted to the user department.
  3. In case of failure of transaction due to non-receipt of response from bank by the payment Gateway, any fees deducted will be automatically refunded into the account of the applicant.
  Following are the payment charges levied upon the customer, extra to the billing amount for online payments.
  Payment Type Fees (Excluding Applicable Taxes)
1. Internet Banking Rs. 5/- for transaction amount upto Rs. 500/-
Rs. 10/- for transaction amount above Rs. 500/-
2. Debit Card 0.9% of the transaction amount (It is NIL for transactions upto Rs 2000 for next 2 years. Above Rs 2000, it is 0.9%)
3. Credit Card 1.00% of the transaction amount.
4. Cash-card/Prepaid/Wallets Rs 10 or 1.5% of the transaction amount whichever is lower
5. UPI/BHIM upto Rs.2000 (It is NIL for transactions upto Rs 2000 for next 2 years)
Rs. 7.50 for transaction amount above Rs. 2000